I.O.E.A への応援コメント

Words of Congratulation for the I.O.E.A


Hironobu Kageyama (Singer)

僕はJAM Projectのリーダーとして、そして個人的に、今回のIOEAの設立に大きな期待とともに最大限のエールを送りたいと思います。 僕は、たまたまドラゴンボールZの主題歌を歌ったというラッキーのおかげで、かなり早い時期から色んな国のアニメイベントに招待されて歌いにいく機会に恵まれました。

As the leader of JAM Project and as an individual, I have high hopes in the establishment of the IOEA, and I would also like to send the most enthusiastic cheer for its inception. As luck would have it, I was fortunate enough to sing the opening song for Dragon Ball Z, and thanks to that, numerous opportunities to be invited to perform at anime events which take place in many nations came about at a relatively early stage.

そして、各国のイベントが、訪れるたびに大きくなっていく様をまざまざと見せつけられ、「俺達の国のオタク文化こそが、世界中の若者を繋ぐハッピーな架け橋になれるんじゃないか」という気持ちが芽生え、ここ10年くらいの間にそれは確信に変わりました。 アニメ、コミックはもとよりゲーム、アニソン、コスプレ..etc大企業や政治が巨額を投じて世界にプロモートしたわけでもないのにものすごい勢いでネットの波にのって、瞬く間に世界中に浸透して行ったオタク文化。

Each time I would revisit a particular event, I am impressed at how much they grow. This leads me to speculate, “Perhaps my country’s otaku culture will be like a bridge of happiness that links youth around the world to one another,” and for the past 10 years this thought of mine turned into a conviction. Otaku culture, which not only includes anime and comics, but also games, anime related songs, cosplay and more, have spread out through the world riding on the waves flowing through the nets at a rapid pace, and this was all accomplished without big-budget promotional efforts on the part of large corporations nor the government.

日本車にも負けない最高にクールな「ジャパン」だと思います。ぜひ俺達の国のこの「オタク」という最高にハッピーな文化で、世界中の若者の心をポジティブなパワーで繋いでください。 ずっと応援しています。Love & peace

I think all of this is a very cool side of “Japan” as seen from abroad and it’s something that rivals what Japanese cars have achieved. I strongly urge for youthful hearts of this world to be linked with a positive power through my country’s “otaku” culture, which is an absolutely uplifting culture. Love & peace.