I.O.E.A への応援コメント

Words of Congratulation for the I.O.E.A


Keitaro Arima (Manga-ka (Comic Author/Artist))


Congratulations on the establishment of the IOEA.


The viewpoint embedded within the word otaku varies widely from person to person, but there is a common sensitivity encompassed within, and in fact, I believe this presents possibilities and hope for the future.


Being dreams divorced from reality, certain fantasies can be dreamt together by everyone… As human beings live in the real world, such possibilities are sometimes cast aside as “troublesome fantasies.” But if we can believe that large numbers of friends who dream for a better future really do exist, then one day it would be possible to turn this belief into a force that strives to make those dreams a reality.


Let us not stop striving ahead, let us learn firsthand there are those who have faith in the future in the world––I hope from the bottom of my heart that the existence of the IOEA will provide the nourishment needed for us to continue to uphold such hopes!